Galloway won't go away

 "All praise to Allah!" yelled George Galloway in his Parliamentary victory celebration last week in London. But Galloway is not a Muslim. He's just a radical leftist of the Eurosocialist kind -- like some famous politicians here in the United States.  I won't mention names.  They are atheist Marxist pro-Muslims. But mostly they are demagogues. Europe is always looking for Nazis under every bed. Every month or two there's a scare in the UK Guardian about "extremist" rightist groups, who turn out to believe exactly what Winston Churchill did. There's never a scare about left totalitarians like Galloway. But wait! You can now be a good leftist and also be a racist -- as long as you glorify Muslims and despise Jews.  This allows Europe to repeat its usual rage against foreigners.  Anti-Americanism and anti-Israel rants are compassionate, you see. Melanie Phillips just wrote: "Galloway ran on an Islamist religious ticket. It wasn't simply that he was pandering...(Read Full Post)