Freedom of speech for me, not thee

Further proof--not that it was needed--that liberals are so-o-o thin skinned; they're allowed to mock you, criticize you, harm you but the moment you try to defend yourself or even use their tactics they cry foul. No freedom of speech allowed. In the latest example, the environmentalist defenders of EPA's crucifier Al Armendariz, Citizen Media for We The People (if you're liberal and agree with us) have removed the incriminating video from their YouTube site while complaining about Sen James Imhofe's (R-OK) improper use of it. However the historically inaccurate video is still available on MRC and In the meantime more representatives--Republicans- are asking for Armendariz's resignation. Will the former academic still qualify for government funded research grants--he's received over half a million tax dollars to date? Hmmm. He has collected or shared in at least $540,522 in taxpayer dollars from the federal government to fund environmental projects that stretched...(Read Full Post)