Five Ways to Save the Earth (and Expose Leftist Hypocrisy)

Conservatives on Earth Day may feel on the defensive.  This special day, coinciding with Lenin's birthday, is intended to be a festival day for the radical left, but it need not be so.  Perhaps it should be the day on which conservatives counterattack by proposing serious reforms which deflate leftist power and also make the air cleaner, the planet greener, and stuff like that.  How?  Here are "Five Ways to Save the Planet" which we can embrace: Home-school.  About fifty million people attend public schools in America.  The vast majority of them are driven to school, drive to school themselves, or take school buses.  The huge institutions they inhabit for seven hours a day require air conditioning or heating, vast arrays of lights, water fountains, restrooms, cafeterias, and an assortment of other demands common to any bloated institution.  Most public schools have a whole bank of offices inhabited by "public school administration," each...(Read Full Post)