Faux Feminists Declare War on Women

Presently, in an effort secure the female vote, the very women who pride themselves on preventing gender discrimination are the ones suggesting that a woman's purpose, life experience, and ability to relate to others hinges solely on whether or not she chooses to work outside the home.  Moreover, according to some, the status of a woman in society is further measured by her husband's ability to provide for his family.  Therefore, according to that way of thinking, as a husband's salary increases a stay-at-home wife's worth diminishes. One can only suppose that initially, comingling class warfare with gender politics by making 1% of America's women the object of derision seemed like genius on the left.  If successful, that scheme, together with the concocted Republican war on women, had the potential to secure Barack Obama 99% of the female voting bloc.   However, despite the brilliance of the plan, obstacles are arising because distributing free morning-after...(Read Full Post)