Far East on edge as NoKo's ready rocket launch

Both South Korea and Japan say they will intercept any rocket shot over their territory from North Korea. And the Philippines have re-routed 20 flights over the next week in anticipation of a rocket launch. The bottom line: The leadership situation in North Korea is still unstable and no one really knows who is in charge, and what the plans are for the upcoming launch of a North Korean missile: Pyongyang insists the launch, which is planned for some time between April 12 and 16 to mark the centenary of the birth of late founding president Kim Il-Sung, is its right.But countries around the globe have condemned the plan, which they say will contravene the UN resolutions.South Korea has vowed to shoot down the rocket if it strays into its territory. Japan has said it may do likewise.The South's military plans to deploy destroyers armed with missiles to the Yellow Sea to track the rocket.The transport ministry in Seoul said it would provide up-to-date information to shipping on the...(Read Full Post)