Fallon/Obama Comedy Team Plays To The Clueless

President Obama's embarrassing most recent attack on the GOP on the Jimmy Fallon TV show confirms his reelection campaign strategy is to appeal to the clueless. Obama shamelessly, before a cheering audience, pressured Congress to freeze interest rates on student loans. Obama focusing on interest rates is yet another smoke and mirrors distraction from the real issues: college tuition rates tripling since 1996, economic stagnation, and skyrocketing fuel prices. Educational-loan debt has ballooned to $1 trillion, surpassing the amount Americans owe on credit cards. And what the heck is the federal government doing running the student loan business anyway? I will save my rant on that topic for another day. Also absent from Obama stump speeches is economic common sense. Obama basically says evil Republicans should approve giving people stuff simply because they need it or want it. Obama, lord of the clueless. The enthusiastic audience response to the Fallon/Obama comedy bit made me think,...(Read Full Post)