Egyptian MB Presidential Candidate: 'Indeed Islam is Religion and State'

As noted yesterday, Dr. Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), will be the popular, mainstream Egyptian Islamic party's candidate for the Presidency, breaking the MB's pledge not to seek this executive office, and assure itself a potential monopoly on state power. Despite being predictably measured and guarded, thus far, in his public statements, and reported attitudes, even the New York Times conceded that Al-Shater supports "an explicitly Islamic government." Moreover, the Times acknowledges Al-Shater's active promotion of "undemocratic" tendencies: Mr. Shater led a push to bar Brotherhood members from dissenting from the political stands of its Freedom and Justice Party, and he led the expulsion of those who sought less conservative Islamist politics. But perhaps most revealing of Al-Shater's totalitarian Islamic Weltanschauung were the frank comments he made about Al Azhar University, during an interview with Al-Ahram from January of this year, and...(Read Full Post)