Eco-Indoctrinated Little Girl Wishes Humanity 'Didn't Exist'

Wouldn't everyone agree that preventing chemical wastes from entering our waterways and conserving electric power during peak seasonal weather are beneficial to all? Of course, it's just common sense.

While the Green movement calls for citizens to keep the environment unharmed, it also pushes population engineering. And the movement not only informs adults of its agenda, it goes after little kids by insinuating eco-curricula into American classrooms. Do youngsters really need to know how to reduce their little size 4 carbon footprints?

The green promoters are leading kids to believe trees, rocks, rivers, and animals take precedence over human life.

Brian Sussman, author of Eco-Tyranny: How the Left's Green Agenda Will Dismantle America video-taped an Earth Day interview he had with a 12 year old student in Santa Cruz, California.

He asked the 6th grader:

"What is the most serious threat facing mankind?"

The conversation started with Sussman's question, and Kalie responded the most serious threat facing humanity today is simply "human existence."

"I guess you mean there are too many humans on the planet," he said.


"What are they doing to harm this Earth?" he asked.

"They're polluting all kinds of stuff. And the birds and animals are eating it and they die," she said.

"How does that make you feel?"

"Kind of like I wish that they didn't pollute, and that it never happened, and sometimes I wish we didn't exist," she said.

Not only did watching the sweet young girl make my stomach turn when she said she wished "we didn't exist," but seeing the blonde woman next to her (maybe her mother?) grinning in approval of the girl's responses gave me insight into how children might come to believe their lives are worthless. The parents are buying the green crap too.

When my own kids come up with ideas on whether life means something or not, I try to steer them in a hopeful direction. It's anathema to me to think that any life, be it destitute or wealthy, is not worth keeping around because of deficiencies.

The green promoters rob children of their innocence by indoctrinating them with fatalistic thoughts. Children shouldn't be worrying about saving planet Earth. They should be freely playing in the outdoors, enjoying the fun of the park or the beach.

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