Does Romney have a prayer in November?

As I type this post, Mitt Romney is well on his way to being the Republican nominee in the presidential race.  But does he have a prayer against President Obama? Granted, we have several months to go, but let's face it-things look rather bleak right now if you're an opponent (as I am) of the Obama administration.   From Reuters: Women voters helped President Barack Obama take a large lead over Republican front-runner candidate Mitt Romney in a dozen battleground states, a USA TODAY/Gallup poll said on Monday.... Support for Obama among women under the age of 50 surged from mid-February, the poll found, putting the president ahead of Romney by 51 percent against 42 percent among all voters.  Obama led Romney among the women with 54 percent, compared to Romney's 36 percent.... The Republican Party has traditionally had a hard sell with women voters, who are more likely to register as Democrats.  Republican criticism of birth control played a big role in the party's...(Read Full Post)