Despite promise not to, Muslim Brotherhood to field presidential candidate

They promised that they would only run candidates for parliament in a third of the districts. They ran in more than half. They promised a panel to write the constitution that would reflect all political views. They named more than 70% Islamists. And they promised not to run a candidate in the presidential election. Is anyone surprised that the Muslim Brotherhood let this promise go by the wayside? Reuters: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, in a policy U-turn, on Saturday named its deputy leader and businessman Khairat al-Shater as its presidential candidate for a vote in May after initially pledging it would not run for the nation's top job. "We have therefore chosen the path of the presidency not because we are greedy for power but because we have a majority in parliament which is unable to fulfill its duties in parliament," he said announcing the decision to put forward Shater. The Brotherhood said it changed tack after reviewing other candidates in the race and after...(Read Full Post)