Castro Criticizes Obama's Fashion Choices

In the style section of online community Mamás Latinas, author Irina Gonzalez was all atwitter about Barack Obama's fashion statement scheduled to be made at the mid-April Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia. Seems the President has commissioned Colombian designer Edgar Gomez Estevez to supply him with a full wardrobe of "very different and special" shirts called guayaberas. Estevez explained how Obama's request demands a labor of love. And from the sound of things the shirts are slated to be an eclectic blend of international diversity.  The 100% natural linen fibers originate in Normandy, France.  They then go to Ireland and Poland.  According to Estevez, "Making a guayabera is not something that can be delegated. All of the embroidery is done by hand. I cut the piece and the borders, and single mothers finish the details by hand, and then we tailor the custom shirt together." The Mamás Latinas feel that President Obama wearing a guayabera shows his...(Read Full Post)