Blame Republicans for Everything, Say Two DC Scholars

Republicans are the "core" problem of partisan gridlock and Washington's dysfunction, so write two longtime Washington scholars and pundits -- who also happen to be liberals.  It's hard to say if Norman Ornstein and Thomas E. Mann are writing about the GOP tongue-in-cheek or just indulging a taste for high-blown hackery.  Their article appeared on the front page of last Friday's Washington Post.  Let's hit some of the highlights of Ornstein's and Mann's analysis, shall we?  In the lead paragraph, Ornstein and Mann chide Speaker Boehner and Republican leaders for not condemning Representative Allan West's remarks about members of the House Democratic caucus being "communists."  Let's set aside the validity of West's remarks.  How about some of the shameful remarks made by Democrats against Republicans, without apparent condemnation from Democratic leaders? The late Democratic Representative Tom Lantos said this about Republicans during a budget fight in...(Read Full Post)