Bashers Mr. Dean? Look In The Mirror

Former Chair of the DNC, Howard Dean, has just accused the GOP of "bashing" Muslims, women, gays, immigrants and Latinos. What he forgot to mention is that the Democratic Party bashes the most basic values of The United States of America: pride in country, family and religion. You can throw in bashing of a  core value of Western civilization to boot: freedom of speech. Obama started his presidency on an apology tour. Big, bad America has bulldozed, exploited and humiliated peoples and countries around the world. The rhetoric is different but the drivel is right out of Reverend Wright's rants G-D-ing America. Moreover, his administration is chipping away at pride in citizenship by giving illegal aliens all the rights of the failed Dream Act by various Obama agency directives. The net result is that illegals have nearly all the rights of citizenship except the right to vote -- and they are working on that. His administration continues its assault on the traditional family by...(Read Full Post)