An Anniversary of Heroism and Shame: The Bay of Pigs

"They fought like tigers," writes the CIA officer who helped train the Cubans who splashed ashore at the Bay of Pigs 51 years ago today. "But their fight was doomed before the first man hit the beach." That CIA man, Grayston Lynch, knew something about fighting - and about long odds. He carried scars from Omaha Beach, The Battle of the Bulge and Korea's Heartbreak Ridge. But in those battles Lynch and his band of brothers counted on the support of their Commander in Chief. At the Bay of Pigs, Grayston Lynch (an American) and his band of brothers (Cubans) learned - first in speechless shock and finally in burning rage - that their most powerful enemies were not Castro's Soviet-armed soldiers massing in nearby Santa Clara, but the Ivy League's Best and Brightest dithering in Washington. Lynch trained, in his own words, "mostly brave boys who had never before fired a shot in anger" - college students, farmers, doctors, common laborers, whites, blacks, mulattoes. They were known as La...(Read Full Post)