Afghans to have 'oversight' of night-time raids by US military

Whatever makes Karzai happy... The Hill: The U.S. and Afghan governments signed an agreement Sunday on the conduct of overnight raids in Afghanistan, according to media reports. Under the agreement, Kabul would have oversight of night-time raids, with operations subject to an initial review by an Afghan panel composed of military and intelligence officials.   "Today we are one step closer to the establishment of a strategic partnership," Allen said, according to reports. American commanders would be consulted before any decision on an operation, but reports said it was unclear if an American officer would have a seat on the oversight panel. The agreement is a welcome development for the Obama administration which feared talks over the contentious issue of night-time raids would derail efforts to craft a long-term deal governing the American mission in Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai had stepped up calls for the raids, which are unpopular with much...(Read Full Post)