Abake and Barack: Two Philanthropic Peas in a Pod

Recently, President Barack Obama released his list of "bundlers."  Bundlers are a special group of "financiers who raise campaign money by soliciting high-dollar contributions from friends and associates," and in turn get to attend fancy State Dinners with British Prime Ministers. One such donor to the President's reelection campaign is Abake Assongba-DeRosa. On her website Ms. Assongba describes herself as a woman who, after being "involved in the financial industry for over a decade ... had the inclination to create the humanitarian non-profit organization called Abake's Foundation." Besides being listed on "Obama's campaign website as one of its [440] volunteer fundraisers," Abake is also counted among an esteemed group of New York Obama 2012 contributors. So far, this year alone, Mrs. Assongba-DeRosa and husband Anthony JW DeRosa, a man who also claims to have a wealth of experience in the financial industry, have contributed more than $50,000 to Obama's reelection...(Read Full Post)