2 Insightful Pro-Industrial Quotes for Earth Day

Since today is Earth Day, here are a couple of uplifting quotes you can print out and post on your fridge. "Environmentalists think living in a cave, living in a mud hut-living in a backward way-is acceptable. Well, I don't think poverty is acceptable. And I think it's very sad to see this environmental gang romanticize poverty. They all love to fly, they love to have washing machines and iPads, they love all that stuff yet they preach a creed-a religion-of 'simplicity,' a simplicity that they never embrace in their own lives. I don't understand why they don't all move permanently to the rain forest. They visit the rain forest, but they're all happy to go back to Vancouver and Berkley, and to the iPad, and cold beer, and air conditioning, and all the nice fun that brings, including the wonderful longevity."-Ann McElhinney, producer and film director. * * * * * * * * * * * "Earth is nothing but raw materials-of which we've tapped only a minuscule fraction of a...(Read Full Post)