When School Administrators Bully

Indiana's House Bill 1169, The Restoring School Discipline Act, offers a compelling civics lesson for any student, and any parents who dares presume to be better suited than the State to police their child's behavior.  State-run school teachers and administrators, with the appropriate support of parents, can and should be the front line of bully prevention at school, but when administrators run to State legislators - lobby them, in fact -- to enlist help in denying students their 1st amendment rights, who exactly is bullying whom? Co-sponsored by three House Republicans, Indiana House Bill 1169 removes the requirement that an activity, on or off school grounds, must be "unlawful" in order for a student to be suspended or expelled if: (1) the activity may reasonably be considered to be an interference with school purposes or an educational function; or (2) the student's removal is necessary to restore order or protect persons on school property. That is to say, public school...(Read Full Post)