What about the war against men?

In response to the war on women theme I see a new trend.  Men pushing back about the war against men as waged by women -- particularly baby boomer women over the last 30 years.  Examples:  Vox Day explains that red pill of reality is no 'war on women' Charles Murray's One-Sided Shaming Is There a War on Women? I generally concur in part with all three of the above.  Favorite excerpt: Shame Samantha types whose weekly highlight is Sunday brunch mimosas. "In real life, Samantha dies alone with her cats nibbling on her flesh for sustenance." BACKTURN In the 90s I was once at a professional women's forum at which the featured speaker was Carol Kleiman, the careers columnist for the Chicago Tribune.  Kleiman,  a bitter single mother a few years older than I am,  proudly told the audience she had recently told her own recently graduated son that the discrimination he was facing in the workplace as just payback for what had been done to women and...(Read Full Post)