UC Berkeley studies the right wing

The University at Berkeley has opened a center for the study of Right Wing political movements. Before we jump to the conclusion that the folks there have discovered this huge chasm in their philosophical libraries consider this give away. "And, as befits its historical and international scope, the center has sponsored a dozen colloquiums on topics ranging from the links between creationism and global-warming denial to the civic foundations of European fascism." The facts are: The Pope urges followers not to dismiss scientific theories despite believing in creationism. There are hundreds (and growing numbers) of scientists who are seriously skeptical about global warming and as Jonah Goldberg has so well documented there is no link what so ever between European fascism and Right Wing political movements. That's right. It's an effort to regroup, develop new propaganda and marginalize this phenomenon called conservatism that has somehow gotten out of the bag that it was put in back in...(Read Full Post)