Tyler Perry's Abortion Confusion

Recently, it was uplifting to hear actor/director/playwright/producer/author/songwriter Tyler Perry speak so movingly at the funeral of his friend, the late Whitney Houston. Broadcast live from the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, Tyler Perry gave tribute to Whitney and in doing so, at least for a few minutes, transported a largely godless nation to church for the afternoon. According to self-professed Christian Tyler Perry, despite Houston's struggle with addictions, hardships, a failed marriage, and times that were sad and tough, her constant response to the pain and heaviness that accompanied life's many trials was "But the Lord." Perry expressed to a congregation of mourners that, despite her tragic, untimely death, as her friend he was thankful for all that God had done in Whitney's life and how, through it all, she still loved and trusted God. Then Perry made a statement, which, for those who have ears to hear, could only be interpreted, as pro-life. Sounding like...(Read Full Post)