Truck crashes in 'attempted attack' on Panetta's plane in Afghanistan

The military is calling it an "attempted attack" on Panetta as his plane touched down in Afghanistan. Fox News: A military source tells Fox News the strange incident on the tarmac Wednesday at Camp Bastion that occurred moments before Defense Secretary Leon Panetta arrived via C-17 was an attempted attack.  This official could not say whether the local Afghan involved knew Panetta was about to arrive, but he could say it certainly wasn't any type of accident. Fox News has learned the attacker was an Afghan interpreter who was carrying gasoline and a lighter with him in the pickup truck, which he managed to steal from a British service member. The coalition service member was injured during the incident, possibly run over by the truck. The Afghan interpreter managed to drive the stolen car over the very ramp where Panetta was set to arrive. The secretary was soon diverted to another ramp. After crashing the pickup truck into a ditch, the driver got out and had...(Read Full Post)