Troll Alert!

Trolls were out in force yesterday (Thursday) in the comments sections of American Thinker posts. We must be doing something right. With all the hard hitting content lately, AT writers have shown the Left we're onto them. In the world of "intel" according to blogger Larry Johnson of No Quarter, an increase in leftist trolls trashing the truth through their inane comments are considered a "warning indicator." He is referring to a column he posted on his site where he writes about the lie perpetrated by the Left that there has been low voter turnout by Republicans during the primaries. He felt the wrath of the Left when they swarmed his comments section. Want further proof that this kind of info scares the [expl] out of the Dems and the Obama cheerleaders? Just look at the trolls we rounded up below. That's known in the intel world as a "warning indicator." When you kick them in the [expl.] they squeal like castrated pigs. The minions logging on AT came up with some doozies as well....(Read Full Post)