I occasionally encounter liberals, some of whom are good long time friends.  Most of them are, by all indications, bright people who pride themselves on being "up to speed" on the events that are driving America. When I query them as to the issue of the "transparency" promised by BHO, they frequently become rigid with their responses, often reverting to the sins of George Bush and other predecessor Republican presidents.  When I can drag them back to the point of BHO's lack of transparency, they typically cry "right wing conspiracy" and cite their golden reference website called "SNOPES". When I discuss the underpinnings of the SNOPES owner-operators, they challenge the facts while continuing to claim that this is all a FOX news false issue. But, if I am able to keep them in the conversation - because many walk away or simply refuse to discuss it further --- I ask them: What is more important than knowing that the office of the president is occupied by a person who is...(Read Full Post)