I occasionally encounter liberals, some of whom are good long time friends.  Most of them are, by all indications, bright people who pride themselves on being "up to speed" on the events that are driving America.

When I query them as to the issue of the "transparency" promised by BHO, they frequently become rigid with their responses, often reverting to the sins of George Bush and other predecessor Republican presidents.  When I can drag them back to the point of BHO's lack of transparency, they typically cry "right wing conspiracy" and cite their golden reference website called "SNOPES".

When I discuss the underpinnings of the SNOPES owner-operators, they challenge the facts while continuing to claim that this is all a FOX news false issue.

But, if I am able to keep them in the conversation - because many walk away or simply refuse to discuss it further --- I ask them:

What is more important than knowing that the office of the president is occupied by a person who is actually eligible?



What do we know about this person that we should have known before we elected him?


Why, I ask, in the name of transparency are the American people blocked from seeing a certified copy of the BHO birth certificate?  Why have the Congress and the courts run from this issue?  I get answers that range from, "It is a settled issue." to "I don't care if he is a natural born citizen or not." (Now that last response is a stunner, is it not?)

 When I state that John McCain was required to provide such proof before the 2008 elections, my liberal friends say, "That was a different issue".  How so, I ask?  I get no reply.

Why are there so many expert accounts as to the fraudulent nature of BHO's purported birth certificate?  Why can we not dispatch these accounts via a public certification of the "real document", if there is one?

Why, I then ask, do we know so little about where BHO came from and what he did prior to his election?

Why can we not find out about his time at Occidental? At Columbia? At Harvard? In the Illinois Senate where he voted "present" 137 times?

What were the specifics of his relationship with Bill Ayers? How about his attending Rev Wright's church for twenty years but never hearing any of Rev Wright venomous rhetoric about the sins of America?

What passport did BHO travel under when he visited Pakistan in his youth?


When he was in Indonesia and enrolled in their Muslim schools, was he, as required, a citizen of Indonesia (which, by the way, does not allow dual citizenship)?


Why are there some many other unanswered questions?  Why are people who want to know the answers to these questions so vilified and marginalized by the mainstream media - and our liberal friends?

I think that many of my liberal friends were enchanted by the possibility of having the first black president - and were so mesmerized by this possibility that they did not do the basic checking and asking about who is this guy?  I think this nation was duped by the MSM and the Democratic Party.  I think many are embarrassed by this oversight on their part and are now committed to BHO out of sheer justification of their lack of due diligence.

We are still the most powerful nation on this earth.  Should we not know the complete details of the background of the person in the White House?  Should we not know more about who can send our soldiers and sailors into harm's way?  Should we not know who is trying to alter the American economy to mirror the economies of Europe? 

Where are the top investigative reporters who we count on to dig into these issues?  Have they all gone to MSM outlets where the issue is not recognized?

I hope America will demand to know the credentials and the underpinnings of the President.  Do we not owe it to ourselves to have these issues resolved?