The Smokejumper versus the General

Imagine a nation threatened by the potential of a great fire. This is no small fire, rather one biblical in nature set off by a criminalist mind controlling a tiny ember.  What happens when that ideology controlling the criminal mind sets an entire nation ablaze? What happens when winds push more tiny embers into the air, landing miles away? How can the fire eventually become extinguished?  Unfortunately, the world around us has caught on fire, and generals need to begin paying closer attention to the smokejumpers. Many tiny embers exist in this world. Too many vulnerable elements of fuel have consumed the heat from the ember. The heat sucked all the oxygen out of the air and the inferno is consuming everything in its path. It wasn't the ember rather it was the ideology of the arsonist who started this worldly inferno of geopolitical unrest. Killing or even controlling an ideology is virtually impossible yet killing the fire is much more feasible. Smokejumpers are the...(Read Full Post)