The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name

In Kansas City on Wednesday, "two older teens" followed a "13-year old boy" walking home from school.  When the 13 year-old reached his front porch, the teens grabbed him, pinned his arms, poured gasoline on him, and set him on fire.  The boy managed to pull his shirt off and pat the fire out, and the parents rushed him to the local children's hospital. As seen on local TV news, although not obvious in the accompanying article, the parents are white.  So is the boy. "We were told it's a hate crime," the boy's mother told the reporter. "They essentially followed him home, they told him he got what he deserved. He's 13 years old."  Without the mother's reference to the hate crime, the viewer/ reader would have no sense that the attackers were likely of another, unspecified race. Not surprisingly, the racially squeamish Kansas City Star did not include this story in the "Start Smart 10 hot topics" it sent out on Thursday morning.  Nor could I find it among the 50...(Read Full Post)