The Fluke Gambit Pays Off For Dems

Sandra Fluke  is now the official, media-designated victim of woman-hating Republicans, with an assist from Rush Limbaugh. Where have we seen this soap opera before? That's an important question, because this is the Big Play of the scapegoating left.  It's pure, standard Alinsky, and they do it over and over again. That's why it is important for normal, decent Americans to learn how it works. Once you recognize it you'll see it done over and over again. Conservatives who can't predict the radical left are losers. As in football, we have to study the playbook of the opposition. It's the first step toward beating them. They are more ruthless and coordinated than conservatives are. We are smarter but less coordinated. Ms. Fluke is long-time feminist activist who graduated in 2003 from Cornell's "Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies." In the decade since then Ms. Fluke has become a political professional for a huge range of feminist causes. She has worked for the (Democrat)...(Read Full Post)