The Bloody Hands of Syria's First Lady

A year ago, Syria's First Lady Asma al-Assad was the darling of New York's trend-setting editors at Vogue magazine who described her in a fawning profile as a  "rose in the desert." Now, according to hacked e-mails published by the London Telegraph and other news outlets, the photogenic British-born Asma is not exactly the woman portrayed in Vogue: "glamorous, young, and very chic, the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies." Rather, Asma al-Assad -- the daughter of a Syrian cardiologist and diplomat mother -- is a stalwart supporter of her husband's butchery. "I am the REAL dictator...", she writes in one of some 3,000 e-mails from the Assads' private accounts which were distributed to The Telegraph and other media outlets by opposition activists. "If we are strong together, we will overcome this together ... I love you ...",  she writes in another e-mail. As The Telegraph reports: Despite the ambitions she expressed for liberalizing Syria before the uprising, Mrs...(Read Full Post)