'Something big happened in Beijing'

I wrote last week about the removal of the popular Chinese Communist party up and comer Bo Xilai from his post as party boss of Chongqing, and his clashes with the old guard. Those clashes may now have turned into a power struggle in the leadership of the Chinese Communist party. Isaac Stone Fish writing at FP Passport: Speculation is rife: A Canadian Chinese news portal quoted Deutsche Welle quoting the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily quoting a netizen that a group of citizens unfurled a banner in a main square in Chongqing that said "Party Secretary Bo, We Love and Esteem You," and were subsequently taken away by plain-clothes security forces. A controversial Peking University professor Kong Qingdong, a 73rd generation descendant of Confucius, said on his television show that removing Bo Xilai is similar to "a counter-revolutionary coup;" one news site reported his show has since been suspended. The Wall Street Journal reports that searching for Bo Xilai's name on Baidu, China's...(Read Full Post)