Signing anti-Walker petition affirms journalists' bias

An investigation reveals 29 sitting circuit court judges in Wisconsin sign a union-driven recall drive targeting Republican Governor Scott Walker. Newspapers and radio-TV news are outraged -- OUTRAGED! -- that jurists put their names to such an overtly political document, showing their utter lack of impartiality -- bias, if you like. Media painstakingly name all 29 judges, city-by-city, and spank them for their partisanship. New York Post calls them "Cheeseheads in Black Robes." "Not a single one," says the Post editorial, "thinks there's anything ethically improper about being involved in partisan politics..." Judges will be judges What about journalists? What happens when another inquiry turns up the fact at least Wisconsin 25 journalists in just a single 10-newspaper chain also signed the politically-charged petitions to recall the governor? Unlike the well-spanked judges, they remain anonymous: Exactly the rank hypocrisy and double standards we expect now, from experience, from...(Read Full Post)