Show Me the I.D.

Students will soon have to "upload photos of themselves when they register for ACT and SAT exams."  This new regulation is intended to "close a gaping hole in standardized-test security that allowed students to cheat and steal admissions offers and scholarship money from kids who played by the rules."  Students will be asked "to certify their identity" in writing," with the understanding that "impersonating another student could result in criminal prosecution." So if identification is needed to register for college admissions examinations, why shouldn't photo identification be required of American voters?  Having dead people or comic book characters accepted as legitimate voters has extraordinarily serious consequences. Rush Limbaugh has commented that If you're gonna allow Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler to sign the petitions, why do you care where there is fraud elsewhere?  Don't forget, they're far too busy protesting all the 'voter suppression' brought about by...(Read Full Post)