Santorum's intellectual evolution to a strong constitutional conservative

Rick Santorum's speech to the Chattanooga Tea Party's Liberty Forum is uplifting and convincing that he is the constitutional conservative we need as President of the United States. The speech is brilliant in its scope and sincerity. It shows that he has a clear grasp of the constitutional conservative movement. It shows that he is one of us. Neither John McCain nor George W. Bush could have delivered such a speech. Ronald Reagan could have. Santorum is convincing in showing that he understands the purpose of the Constitution, why it is an extension of the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and why following the Constitution is critical to restoring America's exceptionalism. He spoke for over 50 minutes, and didn't use a teleprompter. With Santorum in the White House, conservatives would be appointed to key positions, and in that regard he is different from other candidates. Santorum, you see, has always gone to conservative meetings. He knows conservatives, and is on a...(Read Full Post)