Sandra Fluke and the Nature of Insurance

On Feb. 23, Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke testified before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee about women's health and contraception. Ms. Fluke thinks that the health insurance program provided by Georgetown University, Premium Plan, should cover contraception. Her testimony warrants comment:  First, although Georgetown U. does require that fulltime students have health insurance, the university does not require that students enroll in Premium Plan. A student can opt out, get a waiver and secure her own policy from another insurance provider not affiliated with Georgetown. Also, Georgetown does not stipulate that those other insurance plans not cover contraception. So, even though she can buy a policy that suits her, Fluke wants to change the whole insurance industry. Second, Fluke relates the story of how one of her fellow students was embarrassed when she discovered that her health insurance didn't cover contraception. She should have read her description...(Read Full Post)