Republican turnout up in primaries

There was talk of an "enthusiasm gap" because of some low turnout numbers from early primaries. But The Fix is reporting that trend turning around and numbers of primary voters are now surpassing those from 2008: Fix review of turnout in the Republican presidential nominating process shows that it has rebounded in recent weeks, and GOP voters are now turning out in consistently higher numbers than they did in 2008. In addition, in the most competitive Republican contests held this year, turnout is up almost universally, with just a couple exceptions. Turnout is up in all four states that have held major contests since Super Tuesday -- Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Illinois -- and is up overall in eight of 12 contests held this month for which there was a comparable contest held four years ago. The only states where turnout has been down so far this month have been Massachusetts and Georgia, the home states of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, and in Oklahoma and Tennessee....(Read Full Post)