Operation Vast & Obvious Grows Ominous

When Operation Fast & Furious first broke into the news, many of us immediately questioned the DoJ's irrational rationale. The proffered assertion that the program was designed to track firearms purchased in America to  leaders of the Mexican drug cartels simply made no sense. The glaringly obvious flaw in the strategy was the lack of means to track the weapons once they crossed the border into Mexico. That flaw was made painfully obvious by the disclosure from the ATF's own lead agent in Mexico that neither he nor the Mexican authorities knew anything of the operation. That we were asked to believe something so laughably unbelievable by our federal government led many of us to become immediately suspect of the true motive behind this skewed operation. Knowing that our government was headed by a bunch of  2d Amendment detractors from Chicago, America's most antigun city, it wasn't difficult to imagine that the true purpose of this badly bungled fiasco wasn't antidrug or...(Read Full Post)