Obama's 'Flexible' Second Term?

Many of us, back in 2008, instead of being inspired, were uncomfortable with the prospects of a self-admitted "blank screen" as President. One with a rather murky, largely unknown past, who voted "present" much of the time as senator.  Also one who, a few years earlier, had referred to the Constitution as a "flawed" document. Then, when Obama was inaugurated, he told us he wanted to "fundamentally transform" America. Nearing the end of Obama's term, we can prepare a massive list of the questionable and unconstitutional actions, bills, regulations, appointments and orders this administration has produced, and wonder if the damage can ever be undone. The prospect of an Obama second term is cause for even greater concern.  Thomas Sowell recently remarked: I cannot imagine what this country will be like after a second term for Obama, after he has had a chance to pack the Supreme Court with his own nominees who will rubber-stamp anything he does regardless of how much it may...(Read Full Post)