Obama's Drunk Uncle Omar Pleads Innocent

It's 2012 and Barack Obama's uncle Onyango Obama is back in court. Onyango is brother to the President's late father Barack Sr., which may explain why, in an astonishing display of Obama family consanguinity, Onyango, aka 'Uncle Omar,' displays a genetic propensity to plead innocent regardless of what kind of chaos he's caused. Last summer, Uncle Omar was arrested for drunk driving. In November his lawyer attempted to shift Omar's culpability onto the arresting police officer by asking the court to dismiss charges based on what he feels is the unfair practice of asking a drunk driver to pull over and take a Breathalyzer test. Out driving his SUV with a 0.14 blood alcohol level in a state where 0.08 is the legal limit, Barack Obama's illegal immigrant uncle was tooling along, enjoying the Bay State scenery, alcohol on his breath and "chicken and tunes" in the air. That was when Onyango made a "rolling stop" in front of the Chicken Bone Saloon in downtown Framingham and, according to...(Read Full Post)