Obama Geographical Gaffe Makes Virginia Residents Angry

The President greeted an enthusiastic audience during his visit to the Rolls Royce Crosspointe Plant in Prince George, Virginia last Friday. Obama spoke for 20 minutes to a friendly crowd on the floor of the factory plant which manufactures precision-engineered discs for airplane engines. So why is the Prince George Board of Supervisors now receiving calls from angry residents about the commander-in-chief just a week after such a historic visit? Seems President Obama didn't know where he was. Prince George and the city of Petersburg are separate geographical locations. In his speech Obama failed to mention Prince George to its county officials even once and instead gave a shout-out to Mayor Brian Moore of Petersburg. "We've got your mayor Brian Moore," Obama told the crowd. Moore, it should be noted was in hot water only last month when his city manager was arrested for a domestic violence incident. The mayor decided to keep William Johnson III on the job pending the outcome of...(Read Full Post)