Obama at AIPAC: Another Missed Opportunity

It has been often said of the Palestinians and the peace process (first by Abba Eban), that they have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity to achieve peace.   At some point, the conventional wisdom that the Palestinians seek peace (as opposed to the destruction of Israel)  needed to be challenged, and this weekend it was, at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, where the theme was the need for a one state solution, with Israel the missing state in the equation. Barack Obama had his third try at speaking at the AIPAC Policy Conference on Sunday and once again, he also missed an opportunity, failing to communicate to Iran the seriousness of U.S. purpose in stopping their nuclear program.  Obama received a tepid  reception (one participant who has been attending the policy conference for 20 years, said it was by far the weakest reception for any President who has spoken).  In 2004, there was a raucous welcome for George W. Bush, and chants...(Read Full Post)