Newt's Game of 'Concede' and 'Focus'

Newt Gingrich promises to go all the way to Tampa to fight for the nomination. OK, if he says so. However, I have a question for him: Where is the Great Moment that he keeps promising? After losing Nevada, Gingrich gave a 22-minute press conference saying among others that by Super Tuesday he will be on par with Mitt Romney in regards to Delegate. Well, yeah. I thought so. When Rick Santorum had a three state sweep a few weeks ago, Newt - who knew he had no chance in any of these states including Minnesota - was campaigning in Ohio saying that he 'conceded' those states in advance to 'focus' instead on Super Tuesday. Well, Super Tuesday came and went, but what does Newt have to show for it? He won his home state and lost badly almost everywhere else. This last weekend, Newt foresaw again that he won't do well in Kansas nor in Wyoming. What did he do? He again 'conceded' these states to 'focus' on the next two, Mississippi and Alabama where he indeed may pull off a win in one of those...(Read Full Post)