Netanyahu Warns Again of Israel Taking Unilateral Action Against Iran

A wire service is reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is renewing his pledge to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, even in the teeth of Obama administration objections. The wire service report appears at the online edition of the Washington Times. Mr. Netanyahu is correctly blaming the Iranians for stepped up rocket attacks from Gaza and an increase in cross-border violence initiated from Palestinian territory. The Prime Minister would be wise to attack Iran this year if his cabinet and he have any belief that President Obama will win re-election. There's quite a bit of complicated political and military arithmetic that is going into Mr. Netanyahu's calculation when - not if - to go after Iranian nuclear facilities. Though it's hard to say what's going on behind the scenes, certainly the Prime Minister is weighing President Obama's re-election chances as a critical factor in timing an attack. As American Thinker readers appreciate, a lame duck term for Mr....(Read Full Post)