Does It Matter if He Was Neo-Nazi or Muslim? (updated)

Update from Thomas Lifson: Mohammed Mera is dead, having leapt from his apartment window, guns blazing. The 23 year old is being called a "lone wolf" though he traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan for terror training and claimed to be Al Qaeda related. He appears to have been ego driven, and in choosing a Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid ending to his drama, may give other jihadis inspiration, his evil metastasizing among Muslims. It was, it appears, a Muslim radical behind the massacre in Toulouse -- a French-born petty thief who traveled in Afghanistan and Pakistan and was already under surveillance by French authorities.  It was not, as first thought, French neo-Nazis.  To which the question arises, "Does it matter which?"  Yes, it does, because the response of both governments and individuals differ depending on the culprit.Neo-Nazis are part of the woodwork in Europe, but official society treats their outbursts like a social disease. Wealthy or important people given...(Read Full Post)