More Boycott Boomeranging

The liberals' threatened boycotting of Rush Limbaugh advertisers continues to boomerang back and smack 'em in the mouth. First we had word that some of the threatened advertisers who knee-jerked and  dropped Limbaugh are now trying to get back on the show. Now we are told that the incident has caused one of liberalism's favorite  potty-mouth comedians to lose his gig at a prominent national forum. Marvin Olasky is reporting that rabid lefty comedian, Louis C.K., whose foul-mouthed  misogyny was directed at Sarah Palin in several particularly vile rants during the 2008 campaign, has been forced to cancel his appearance at the annual big-bash, Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner. If you are interested in seeing precisely how vicious this guy is, you can here at GretaWire. Apparently it was the action of Greta van Susteren and Media Research Center president,  Brent Bozell, that shamed the liberal association into giving potty-mouth...(Read Full Post)