Mayor Bloomberg to homeless, 'No kugel for you!'

In a perverse variation of Marie Antoinette's, "Let them eat cake!," Jeff Stier, writing in the New York Post, relates that New York's fussy Big Brother Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has now decreed "Let them starve!" to the city's homeless. Excess, left over food from lavish Jewish weddings, Bar Mitzvahs (coming of age ceremonies for Jewish boys when they reach 13) or even kiddushes (food served at the post service social hour) has been donated to city shelters for over a decade, similar to programs offered by churches and other institutions. But freshly cooked, nutritous and delicious food good enough for celebrants and their friends and family is not good enough for the homeless. In conjunction with a mayoral task force and the Health Department, the Department of Homeless Services recently started enforcing new nutritional rules for food served at city shelters. Since DHS can't assess the nutritional content of donated food, shelters have to turn away good Samaritans. For over a...(Read Full Post)