Maintaining Crisis Momentum

Rahm Emanual once said: "Never let a serious crisis go to waste."  But what happens when the Democratic Party is desperate for a diversion and is currently without any real crisis to exploit?  Is it then time to manufacture one -- or two? The birth control questions in the Republican debates left many scratching their heads as to why this issue was suddenly brought up, but it really started to make sense once the Sandra Fluke story broke loose following her birth control show-testimony on February 23.  This turned out to clearly be about creating a "crisis" where no crises previously existed. Rush Limbaugh made some inappropriate comments that the media used to build enormous momentum on this manufactured story, while terrible statements by others on the Left were ignored. But that momentum started to die off as people seemed to catch on to what was truly going on. Three days after Sandra Flukes testimony, Trayvon Martin, an African American male, was shot and killed by...(Read Full Post)