Libya flying apart at the seams

Libya is disappearing. There is a movement to make the eastern part of the country "autonomous" which many observers believe means the easterners want to set up a separate state. And the guy who is calling himself Libya's "leader" is threatening to use force to keep the country together. Guardian: The Libyan leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has vowed to use force to stop the country breaking up after leaders in an eastern region declared autonomy. "We are not prepared to divide Libya," he said, blaming "infiltrators" and "pro-Gaddafi elements" for backing the autonomy plan. "We are ready to deter them, even with force." The comments, unusually strident for the Libyan leader, came a day after 3,000 activists, politicians and tribal leaders met in the eastern city of Benghazi to inaugurate a self-declared Cyrenaica Provisional Council. Their declaration of autonomy, and the appointment of Ahmed al-Senussi, a relative of Libya's former king, Idris, as head of the new council, has ...(Read Full Post)