Koran burning: Just Islamists acting like Islamists

Five American soldiers inadvertently confiscated Korans and other religious materials at a U.S. run detention facility in Afghanistan last month and dumped them into a trash pit for incineration. An American military investigation concluded that the soldiers misinterpreted orders to dispose of the Korans and that there was no intent to desecrate or defile them or to show disrespect for Islam or anything else. The soldiers simply made a mistake. The Korans had already been desecrated and defiled in any case by Islamic prisoners who were using them to send jihadist messages to others. When news of the incident became public riots erupted all over the country which resulted in widespread destruction and death. 30 Afghans were killed in the rioting, six Americans were murdered and hundreds of Western military and civilian advisers working in government offices were withdrawn for their own protection. While the immediate crisis has abated somewhat it is by no means over and...(Read Full Post)