James Carville Argues that an ObamaCare Defeat Helps Democrats

James Carville might be onto something, but for the wrong reason.  Carville is arguing that if the U.S. Supreme Court kills ObamaCare, Democrats can hang that failure around the necks of Republicans.  Carville believes that future escalating health care costs will sour voters on Republicans, who Democrats will associate ObamaCare's defeat.  Carville, like many of his fellow Democrats, actually believe that a massive federal government program like ObamaCare won't produce massive costs and gross inefficiencies, which will increase year after year.  That's the history of big government programs.         What Carville elects not to acknowledge is that ObamaCare has never enjoyed good favor among a majority of Americans, which polls -- and the 2010 congressional elections -- affirm.  A Supreme Court slap-down of ObamaCare, as welcome as that would be, may help President Obama and congressional Democrats in that it relieves...(Read Full Post)