Mullahs Try Wall Off Iran from the Internet

Iran's supreme leader announced the creation of a Supreme Council of Cyberspace meant to protect Iranians from online dangers, as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the effort in a decree released on Wednesday.  And you complain you can't illegally download a couple movies. While the report did not spell out specifically the kind of dangers that the council would tackle, officials have in the past described two separate threats: computer viruses created by Iran's rivals aimed at sabotaging its industry, particularly its controversial nuclear program, and a "culture invasion" aimed at undermining the Islamic Republic. From the Tehran Times: In the decree, the Leader cited the impact of the World Wide Web on people's social and personal lives, the necessity for planning and coordination in order to protect against the ills of the internet, and the maximum exploitation of the net to provide people with useful and comprehensive services as the main reasons which have necessitated the...(Read Full Post)